2018 AWSC Fall Conference

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There’s another conference in the books. We made it to the Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells Friday night.

Got ourselves registered, Visited the hospitality rooms, then headed to the dance.

Saturday we went to the Opening ceremony, which featured Stephanie Klett, from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.

She was a very wonderful speaker. She showed us some interesting commericals and ads for our state that are running in other states.

Then it was on to our Workshop Sessions. We attended Trailside First Aid. With and EMT from the area. He was very informative.
Offered great tips and ideas of things that everyone should carry in their sled, just in case.

Then off to Membership 101. This was a very informal group and not much was actually discussed.

At the spring conference 2019, they will be voting on changing the club membership expirations dates to June 30th, to coincide with the trail pass expiration date.

A little down town, then off to the dinner. Miss Snowflake was crowned, we got to hear all of the “of the year” awards. Then back to the hospitality rooms again.
We personally didn’t win any raffles, but we tried. Shout out to Shawano County for an amazing time! Hope to see you guys out on the trails sometime this season.

Next club meeting November 13th 7:30 Phils Round 2. See you there.




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